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Hello Northwest Arkansas, before you learn more about this great energy saving program provided by SWEPCO & Black Hills Energy. Let us tell you a little more about the family behind the company.

Evans Go Green, is a family owned business. This company is a branch of Evans Construction. Randall Evans, owner of Evans Construction; began to ask his wife Margie for more help in the office. There were new programs starting and he didn’t want to miss a discount program or rebate that may help his clients save money. At that time their son, Kason was graduating college and was interested in learning more about the family business. In 2015, Margie and Kason started Evans Go Green. They’ve been helping: friends, family, neighbors cut energy bills with home energy saving techniques.

Did you know that energy companies are required to decrease their energy consumption every year? Did you know if they don’t, they’ll get hefty fines? Don’t be afraid of free, this program is fully funded by: Black Hills Energy and SWEPCO.

The process is simple: Call or message us and we’ll ask a few questions (never ask for payment information) to see if you qualify. If you qualify then we’ll set-up a time to visit and walk you through the next process (again we’ll never ask for payment information).

Thank you for visiting and please reach out with any questions.

Evans Go Green Family

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How much does this cost?

It is 100% FREE to you, the homeowner. SWEPCO & Black Hills both have energy saving programs. These programs fully fund these home energy saving improvements. Every month a portion of every SWEPCO & Black Hills customers billing is directed to this energy saving program. You are investing in an energy saving community.

How can I confirm this information?

We've included links directly to SWEPCO & Black Hills energy saving program. Send them messages to confirm we are funded by them. Remember to put our family business in the preferred contractor "Evans Construction & Remodeling" Margie Evans (479) 361-8067. Let us help you go green! https://swepcosavings.com/#/residential/residential-improvement-incentives https://www.blackhillsenergy.com/save-money-energy

Why do they have this program?

SWEPCO & Black Hills are investment owned companies. They are required by the public service commission to offer rebates to contractors like us, to help like you (the customer) cut energy costs. Energy companies decrease our energy waste and their energy waste. The more you save the more they save.

Who/what is SWEPCO or Black Hills?

SWEPCO = Southwestern electric power company an AEP company. Black Hills = Black Hills gas company.

Does my home qualify?

Great question - If you can say "yes" to these three questions, we should be on the right track. - Is your home at least ten years old? - Has the gas & electric services been turned on consistency for 12+ months? - In the last five years, you have NOT had Arkansas weatherization work completed on your home. Fill out the form below or call us at 479-361-8067 us to find out!